Kep1er 2nd Mini Album DOUBLAST (LEMON/BLUE VER)


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Hello kep1ian!
(Kep1ian is kep1er fandom name)

Let me introduce you to Kepler's 2nd mini album, DOUBLAST
(You might know it as a kep1er doublelist)

After 1st mini album, "First Impact, Wa da da",
Kep1er released Kep1er 2nd mini album Doublast, Up!

- Positive energy, "Up!" Finding happiness, "Kep1 Going!"
- Kep1er Summer is a song with 9 members refreshing and refreshing vibes

Nine girls who became one through the choice of global fans. Kep1er's adventure story continues when dreams become reality!

It will release a mini album containing two wishes: refreshing "B1UE BLAST", refreshing "LEM0N BLAST", and Kep1er to overcome the hot summer.

consists of five episodes of "Kep1er Island," a dream island named Happiness, where Kep1er ran to "WA DA DA".

Kep1er album detail

[LEM0N BLAST ver.]

- CD-R

- Photo book 72p

- Photo cards: Random 2 out of 18

- Pop-up card: Random 1 out of 9

- Sticker: Random 1 out of 9

- Clear photo card: 1 out of 9 random (*first edition limit)

[B1UE BLAST ver.]

- CD-R

- Photobook 80p

- Photo cards: Random 2 out of 18

- Photo stand: 1 out of 9 random

- coloring paper 1 ea

- Clear photo card frame: 1 out of 9 random (*first edition limited)

[Common beginner's limited components]

- Member's autographed polaroids 252 sheets Randomly recorded (*Not the basic components included in all products*)


Kep1er members
Choi Yujin, Xiaoting, Mashiro, Kim Chaehyun, Kim Dayeon, Hikaru, HUENINGBAHIE, Seo Young-eun, Kang Ye-seo

Kep1er is a multinational idol group consisting of five Koreans, two Japanese, one Chinese, and one Korean-American.

The title song "Up!", Kep1er's "Chikitaka", "LEVOYA9E", "Attention", which contains excitement blooming between friends, "Good Night", and "Good Night", which shows a cute girl falling asleep, and a warm promise to fans.